Lismore Castle Arts

12 May - 30 Sept, 2012

12 May - 30 Sept, 2012

Lismore Castle Arts, Co. Waterford

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In 2012 Lismore Castle Arts presented a solo show by Hans Josephsohn, which opened on May 12th and continued until September 30th, 2012. The exhibition featured work dating from 1950 - 2011, specially selected for Lismore and included pieces in the historic Castle Gardens, as well as the Gallery.

Josephsohn was born in 1920 in Prussia (now Germany) but because of his Jewish ancestry, was forced to move to Florence when he was 18. From there he eventually moved to Zurich, where he continues to live and work.

Josephsohn is a highly regarded artist and his work continues to inform and inspire contemporary artists. This was his first solo exhibition in Ireland and it offered a rare opportunity to enjoy key works from an internationally important artist.

Josephsohn’s sculptures focus on the human figure in its many guises as well as numerous interpretations of the head. But Josephsohn is not endeavouring to capture any sense of likeness. Rather he is searching for something deeper, something enduring almost permanent. Many of his works evoke art from classical societies, including the Moai sculptures on Easter Island and medieval Romanesque sculptures.

Josephsohn begins his process using plaster and plasterboard, materials he is known to prefer. Plaster allows a freedom to add, subtract and edit his work repeatedly. This process is evident in the works – the movements and gestures of the artists’ hands remain. Around this time he had overseen the process of casting his favourite works into brass for longevity.

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